Monday, July 20, 2009



Super Bastards. They ate the pink styrene!

Oh well, we needed an excuse to re-paint the outside of the kitchen.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Laundry Room Blues

In 2006 the laundry room looked like this.

You can read about the progress back then if you search the archived posts from around July 2006.

This morning the room looked like this.

I spent a couple of days putting the tile down and getting the room painted. We decided to use up some old paint that we had left over rather than buy a new color. So we ended up using three colors since we didn't have enough of any single color to do the entire room. Two walls are the same green color that we used in our bedroom. One wall is dark brown and one wall and the ceiling is a pale yellow color. Not bad considering that I started on Friday and today is Tuesday. It's not like I'm running for Mayor or anything important like that ....

Last night when I was painting, Elizabeth wanted to help me with a paint brush but the only brushwork was cutting in the edges which requires a steady hand. So I promised her she could come out with me today and help me paint out some graffiti on this old building. All in a days work!