Sunday, May 15, 2022

Time For Change

 Long awaited update is happening at "This Old Crack House". It would appear that the web hosting service that I have used since 2005 when I started this blog has gone "Kaput" and much of my early material is now lost to the world. When I started this blog in 2005 I used AOL's web hosting service for links and to host images. That was called Hot Dog Express if I recall correctly. I had to learn HTML code and had several web pages at the time. They shut that down and I transferred all my material to a friend in the neighborhood who hosted my images for free. This year it appears that that all ended. I have some time on my hands and will rebuild some sites. Fortunately I have good photo records. So I have to review all my 2005 posts and re insert some photos that are missing and rework some posts since the links no longer work. I started that today. Hence the new appearance to the blog. That may change again but at least you can archive all the posts back to 2005. Unfortunately my original website from 2001 is gone along with my Walnut Hills history site and my miniatures page. So I will start rewriting some of that material and figure a way to link it here. Stay tuned. There will be more work done this year on THIS OLD CRACK HOUSE!