Thursday, December 14, 2017

Finally a New Post!

Here we are 16 years into our 3 year renovation project. My daughter is now 14 years old and I have FINALLY painted the bathroom. Here is a photographic recap of what we did to get this far.

Here is the original bathroom circa 2001.

Here is the "Kitchen" next to the bathroom separated by .....

A Bead board wall!

With the wall removed and ....

A fireplace revealed. (That was filled with half a century of leaves and dead birds.)  We could envision....

What we could do with a 12' X 16' room!

I had to tear up the floor so the plumbing could be installed.

Then build out a wall to hide all the plumbing.

Re work the fireplace and restore the windows.

To create a large shower space and a tile floor.

With a wall of marble tile.

And a concrete counter top for the sink.

Plus new doors. At this point it is 2005 and very little changed when we actually moved in in 2009.

Well, this week the wife asked me when the bathroom could be finished. I said "Pick some colors and it will get done." So we have decided on Deco pink  for the walls and a dark grey/ purple for the ceiling which, by the way, is not level. So I had to apply some joint compound around the place and use it to apply a border around the top of the marble tile so that the ceiling irregularity is not obvious.  The bathroom looked chaotic for a few days ......

But I went to work at painting.


I even took care of the threshold issue

by making this!

Now, eventually I will apply tile around the pellet stove but more pressing will be constructing a glass block shower wall so that we can actually use those jets without splashing water all over the floor! I also need some art work to liven up those walls. More later!