Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What Are Two Bats and a Ceiling Mushroom?

That would be the answer to the question "What is new at the 'Crackhouse'?" That's right. I stopped by to put out the garbage can this evening and since it had been raining, to check the status of one of my roof leaks. Upon entering the third floor I see two bats flying around above me. There were no dead mice in the traps and my system of water collection seems to be working. I turned off the light and proceeded to the second floor. I figure the bats let themselves in, they can find their way out. So upon entering the bathroom on the floor below and checking the wall that my leak has discolored I see a mushroom growing out of the ceiling in the corner where the leak is. This only seems to occur when the wall starts to dry out. I have seen it in the same spot on two previous occassions over the last 5 years. Good job we haven't painted that room yet!

Our lives, it appears are controlled by the forces of nature. Just a few days ago we were awakened by Elizabeth with whom I had the following discussion on Sunday morning;

"Dad? Dad? Daaaaaad!"


"There's cat puke under the bed."

"Under the bed?"


"That's good. At least I won't step in it then."

"Hmmmm. Wait a minute!"

"What is it now, Elizabeth?"

"That's not cat puke! That's my toy!"


kdogg said...

I wouldn't take bats so lightly, Gary, but then again I haven't seen your third floor. If you can guarantee isolating them from reaching the rest of the house and not risk having them bite family members at night (unknowingly), then fine. Like mice, if there's one (or two), there's more. I had the pleassure of dealing with a colony of them getting into my rental and having to assure my tenants safe health by getting them tested by the county.

As for your mushroom on the ceiling, you should post a pic of that.

K said...

I don't even know what to say about a mushroom on the ceiling. Life is strange.

Though, I totally sympathize with your cat puke problem.

Anonymous said...

Maybe put up some bat houses outside if you want to keep them outta the belfrey.
It's not bad to have them around as a natural 'insecticide'.