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This Old Crack House

From log house to farmhouse. Farmhouse to townhouse. Townhouse to apartment house. Apartment house to crack house. Crack house to our house. Our house to our home.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Two men, Three boys and a Horse!

Anyone wanting to build an authentic period brick sh*thouse needs to get one of these!

Here is a pre Civil War advertisement that I found amusing.

If you were to ask what you could achieve with two men, three boys and a horse today, you might find yourself in front of a judge. I'll bet even money that the horse would have a lawyer, too!


At 2/28/2007 7:10 PM, Blogger Derek said...

And these days kids complain about taking out the garbage.

At 2/28/2007 7:22 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Those were the days eh? Although it looks like that boy in the picture's slacking a bit. And are those shoes I see him wearing? Honestly, the luxury! Spoiled rotten if you ask me.

At 3/02/2007 1:27 PM, Blogger Kristin L. Walters said...

An authentic brick outhouse ... now that's exactly what I need.


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