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This Old Crack House

From log house to farmhouse. Farmhouse to townhouse. Townhouse to apartment house. Apartment house to crack house. Crack house to our house. Our house to our home.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Guess What?

I did something today that I haven't done in 10 weeks. Since the inside temperature was up to 54 degrees I actually worked on the house! I just started right where I left off before the temperatures dropped below freezing inside the building. That's right. I assumed the position of being on my knees on the floor, bent over a heat gun with a paint scraper in my hand while sluggishly plodding away at the timeless task of stripping paint and goo off a floor. I had truely forgotten just how much I missed it! Some things I'm afraid, are best forgotten.


At 3/25/2007 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This weather is awesome!!!!!! My gas/electric bill may actually go below $350 next month!!!!!

At 3/26/2007 7:35 PM, Blogger Ranty said...

Ugh, I spent a few hours scraping my porch floor today, so I feel your pain.

But hey, floors are better than ceilings, right??? (For scraping, that is.)

At 3/26/2007 8:45 PM, Blogger Jocelyn said...

You said it Gary- the timeless task. That's what I love about working on the house. Whiling away a Saturday working on a project is a good feeling.

Now you've got me waxing nostalgic too.


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