Saturday, August 25, 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

Here is that one smoke chamber now.

Why am I so Anal? I wouldn't have been this thorough except for the fact that some inspector dude is going to look up here and we actually will be burning wood in this fireplace. I learned a very good lesson today though. Don't wear a white T-shirt while doing this kind of work;


Anonymous said...

Anal, schmanal. You just don't want the house to burn down.

Looks good.

Jenn said...

Don't wear a white T-shirt while doing this kind of work;


Anonymous said...

Wow, perfect timing to find your site. I'm buying a house that has a hole in its liner and it's smoke chamber is even worse shape than yours.

Any idea on how much you saved by doing the combined work yourself?

Anonymous said...

I posted earlier about the cost of doing the combined work yourself . . . for what it's worth, I just got an estimate on my liner replacement/smoke chamber. $4,200.

Gary said...

This is for Anon,

This particular liner with the ceramic wrap and mesh was $700. The cost of a 15 lb. bucket of Heat Stop was $20 and a 5' X 2' strip of 1" ceramic blanket for plugging the gaps where I sealed this at the throat was $35.

If I lose the ceramic wrap and pour vermiculite mixed with portland cement around the liner which would cost $300 to $400 on its own, the cost of the liner with insulation drops to no more than $500 depending on how many $12 bags of vermiculite are needed. You are paying for peoples time when you contract the work out. This is not hard work but it isn't fun either.
If you need more information than this then email me directly. Anonymous posts requesting information require me to post on my own site and often the posts are old and not being read much any more.