Monday, May 26, 2008

Heating System Installed

I installed the heating system for one of the second floor rooms on the "cottage" side of the house. We opted for a traditional form of heating system that wouldn't cost too much money. Since all the walls of the cottage are brick including the inside wall, my options were very limited, but I think I have the perfect system:


Jen said...

An old fashioned vent?
The vent that you can stand near and look down on and listen in to the rooms below?

Gary said...

Yes a vent! The kind you can dump a bucket of water down onto the crowds below!

Jen said...

Dumping buckets of water sounds like a lot more fun than just listening in.

Anonymous said...

I have two of these to my upstairs. I love the old floor registers and the way they look. I had heat installed upstairs this spring and won't need them but still plan on leaving them in 'cause I like the way they look!

Patricia W.