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This Old Crack House

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is a Test of the Emergency Heating System

This is only a test. If this were a real emergency you would see cups of coffee and hot cocoa in the vicinity.

I need to replace the duct pipe with black stove pipe and I need to line the chimney ultimately but since it is clean and I don't plan on having to use this thing this winter I figured I should fire it up to see if there are holes anywhere in the stove or in the chimney! This old thing raised the temperature in the adjoining dining room from 50 degrees to 52 degrees in three hours. At this rate we might get up to 70 degrees by Christmas! The pellet stove is programmed to come on at 45 degrees. We don't know if it will work this winter because we haven't tested it yet. Hence the need for an emergency heat system .......
The thing seems to be working just fine. I didn't manage to burn down the house today and the upstairs rooms didn't fill up with smoke, which is a good thing, I think.


At 11/14/2008 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend had a pot-belly stove in their basement. They'd pile wood in there and the whole house would get warm so fast. I think they could have used pellets too. Is that typical? or do you need a special stove for pellets?

At 11/14/2008 4:42 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

We put a pellet stove in late last winter/early spring - it's one of the best things we've done to the house - we haven't used our oil heat yet this year (and don't plan to). I don't know what kind you have, but you should be able to adjust the auger and the damper to help heat things up faster.

At 11/16/2008 10:22 AM, Blogger basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

We've committed to only heating with wood this year. We love our wood burner!

The name of your site drove me here - it's just too funny not to check out ;-) I'm glad I came - I love what you have done with your old house and really enjoy reading about it.

I hope you'll accept the "Premium Dardos Award" I'm giving you for your blog. I enjoy your blog and appreciate your contributions. If you accept, you can post the image of it by copying it from my blog at http://backtobasicliving.com/blog/hey-i-got-a-blog-award/ I think this is a great way for blogger to honor and promote each other.


At 11/17/2008 9:57 AM, Blogger Gary said...

A pellet stove is different from a wood stove. We have two Quadrafire stove inserts that sit in an existing fireplace opening. I blogged about them about this time last year. One is fully controlled with it's very own thermostat that regulates how much fuel is fed to the crucble. The other requires manual adjustments and is still waiting to be installed in the main bathroom though the chimney is rebuilt and lined and the exaust vent is installed. I have to install the mantle before I can put the insert in place. Oh, then there is the electrical hook up to the specially installed socket for the stove to function and the running of wire for the thermostat. It may get installed by spring at this rate ......

At 11/20/2008 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the latest entries. I am dying to fly over and visit. It also seems that your stove will keep you cozy all winter

At 11/20/2008 2:59 PM, Blogger Larry said...

Good to hear the house is still standing. I, on the other hand, did just about burn down the house.

BTW - you've been tagged.


At 11/26/2008 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gonna be so cozy Gary. I love TOCH. I'm living vicariously through your projects.


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