Monday, December 22, 2008

The Big Announcement

If you wonder why I am not posting every other day like I used to it is because I am very busy doing other things besides home improvement. I'm sure that I have mentioned before on this site that I am the president of my neighborhood association and I also chair our local Priority Board which is supposedly recognized as the "official voice" of the residents of our fair city. In between the numerous meetings that I am expected to attend without compensation I am home educating my daughter who is in kindergarten and already 70% through her curriculum for the year and ready to start on first grade material in three subjects. She is reading 2nd grade books and already solving second and third grade math problems. We started early with her learning because it makes our lives easier as she gets older. I guess we plan well ahead and give ourselves ample time to react as needed.

That being said, I am making an early announcement that will explain why things are slower at the "Crack House". I am going to run for Mayor next year and have just slapped together a web site and blog to use in my campaign. I shouldn't have to post to the site very often. It is a tool to allow me to connect with residents of the city. I have added a banner in the right sidebar that links to "Dayton Mayor". There is a petition process that is quite time consuming. I hope to be through with it soon so that I am ready to do more work on the house. Don't worry, this won't become a political blog. I'm really not a politician. Just a mover and a shaker who gets things done.
Now I can say that the worse thing that could happen to me personally is that I get elected, because I would have to do the job and we certainly are facing some challenges here in Dayton. I am willing to face those challenges but I won't be too disappointed if the voters don't think that I am the best person for the job. On the other hand, we are certainly going to have the right house if I can just get things finished!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Gary,

Congrats on this decision. If you want help designing a website or with any of the related technologies, let me know. I don't live in Dayton, but I did professional web design for many years AND I live in DC which I think means I've got this political web presence stuff understood via osmosis :)


Larry said...

Good luck - and I really mean that. I have held public office and my hat is off to those who willingly subject themselves.

I think you would do a great job based on what I know of you from the blog.

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Get them petitions in and go on to SHELLACK your opponent!

Anonymous said...

I came here to check out the person planning on running against Rhine McLin (saw the story on DDN) and was happy to find out that not only are you a homeschooler, but that you also use the same charter school we use. With a little more poking around on your blog I discovered that you ran the Homeschool Dayton blog (poor blog never did get up and running, did it? I think homeschoolers are just so busy, LOL), which has a link to my blog. I can't vote for you, as I do not live in the city anymore, but I look forward to learning even more about you and telling all of my family in Dayton that they should consider you for mayor. Good luck!

QCEVO said...

Gary, You'd be an excellent mayor. Are you going to buy some weird glasses if you are elected? I'm thinking left lense triangle and the right one a square. If I could vote in Dayton I'd vote for you. I'm putting the word out with my peeps in the valley.

Anonymous said...

My very hearty congratulations and all luck of the world for you, Gary. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Lots of greetings


John said...


Congratulations and best of luck. I've working in state government for years (it's the family business), and I have no doubt you'd make a great mayor. I'd vote early and often for you if I lived in Dayton.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Gary, but not sure if 'mover and shaker who gets things done' and 'eighth year of working on the house, haven't moved in yet' should be on the same page.

Gary said...

Good luck Gary, but not sure if 'mover and shaker who gets things done' and 'eighth year of working on the house, haven't moved in yet' should be on the same page.
Don't forget to add "with five year old child reading and doing second grade math!" There are choices and there are consequences. With an extra smart child comes slow progress on an ambitious and probably overwhelming-to-most house project.
I have what I have because I do what I do!

Jen said...

Yay Gary !
Congrats on your decision and the best of luck to you.

And don't you love those anonoymous commenters.......

Anonymous said...


You should contact an attorney to file a libel suit on your behalf against the McLin campaign. Today I along with thousands of others recieved campaign trash misquoting what you have stated. This should be addressed. Their attempts to discredit you will not change my vote.