Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Overdue Update

Here is an overdue update of what has been happening here.

1) House update; very little to report. I have done little to nothing for the last two months due to item 3) below. I am trying to get the place cleaned up and all the clutter put away because we plan to move in very soon!

2) Kid update; Elizabeth turned six last week and is more excited at the fact that she has a loose tooth than the fact that she has almost completed her kindergarten course for the year. Of course the completion of school work only guarantees that she will proceed to first grade material before entering first grade. The losing of baby teeth means she has to be more vigilant with her brushing!
She didn't want to go ice skating this winter either ......

3) The Dayton Mayor update; If you don't live in Dayton or check my link periodically at the right side of the page that says "DaytonMayor" then you have no idea what has happened in the last few weeks. Five people submitted petitions to run for mayor. Only two qualified. The incumbent and myself. Since then two of the people that did not acquire enough valid signatures from registered voters residing in the city have filed protests with the board of elections. The board of elections has rejected their protests since they have little legal claim but if their claims were valid I would have been running unopposed! I am running as an independent candidate but have managed to attract the favor of the Republican Party which is going to help me out tremendously in the days ahead. Fortunately there will be no primary election since we only have two candidates. This means that I didn't get swept up into a whirlwind of chaos preparing to be on a May ballot. Hopefully this also means that I can get some work done on the house!
This will be an interesting year. I hope I can keep up!


Anonymous said...

I figured you were going to say you had to get the house cleaned up in case the opposition sent a photog over to get incriminating pictures of the Crackhouse!

Good luck with the campaign. Don't know how much Dayton news we'll get over here in the Pixburgh area, but I'll be listening anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting! my mom was born in Dayton in 1934 (she just passed on actually) and I think she would be proud of you running for mayor!

Anonymous said...

Gary for

Like the above post, I'm in Pgh so I don't hear much on Dayton. I love reading your blog, I'm a HUGE historical house fan..I live in one myself! Is it possible for you to do a photo tour of your house? I'm happy to see that it found a family to love it and bring it back to its original beauty.

River Wilson said...

I live in Dayton! As a matter of fact, I drive past you're old crack house everyday. You've got my vote!