Wednesday, April 08, 2009

An Open Invitation

Gary Leitzell
For Dayton Mayor

Ready. Willing. Able.

You are respectfully invited to a Pancake Breakfast and Open House at
“This Old Crack House.”

Enjoy homemade pancakes with delectable toppings.
View before/after photos of “This Old Crack House.”
Suggested donation: $5.00 per person
All proceeds and donations will go to “Friends of Gary Leitzell.”

Please RSVP or there won’t be enough pancakes for you!
(937) 253-1359 or

Where: 114 Volkenand Ave., Dayton, OH 45410
(Across the street from Wayne Ave. Family Video)
Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Date: Saturday April 25, 2009

Paid for by Friends of Gary Leitzell
Dan Kennedy, treasurer, 525 Heiss Ave. Dayton, OH 45403


Kate H. said...

Saw the invitation on Facebook, too. Wonder how many people will show up just to get a peek at the work you've been doing on the Old Crackhouse?

For an extra campaign contribution might there be a house tour?

Gary said...

I don't mind posting a video tour. I have done one of the first floor before. Problem is, I don't have a decent video camera. My digital camera is 10 years old and does 15 second movies. I'll see what I can muster up!

G. Robison said...

I'd come, even though I'm a Democrat, lol. But there's a little problem: I'm in Lost Angeles.

Good luck!

Wave hi to my old house at 1288 Lomeda Lane in Xenia (now actually Beavercreek) for me if you ever get the chance!

Sandy said...

I hope you have a great turnout!

Kate H. said...

So how did it go? Brilliantly, I hope.