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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Chronicles of Narnia.

Like we need more furniture! We went to another auction at our favorite auction house and bought a wardrobe because Deborah has way too many clothes! The three closets don't cut it. Of course, in the 1840s when the house was built, people only had three sets of clothes and a drawer full of collars and cuffs. So in those days the three closets were adequate and probably quite bare.
The wardrobe is a Gothic style knockdown wardrobe from the 1840s. We know this because it has those pre 1846 flat tipped screws holding the hardware together. It is in excellent condition and we got it for $350. You can't get a new one at IKEA for that price!
Here is the money shot;

Elizabeth thinks it will take her to Narnia. I hope she isn't too disappointed.

While we were there we bought another mirror. We have so many. This one was a deal at $55.

It is leaning against the wall in the hall until I find time and a location to hang it ..... I am hoping no white rabbits will emerge from it.

We are STILL living out of many boxes.


At 7/03/2009 1:24 AM, Anonymous Kate H. said...

Nice finds!

Remind Elizabeth that the wardrobe in the story was filled with a lot of big fur coats and the Narnia magic won't work without them. And since it's highly unlikely that your family will ever own a half dozen or more fur coats, well . . .

But in a house the size of the Old Crackhouse, there's plenty of scope for her to make up her own magical stories.


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