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This Old Crack House

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How's That Roof Coming along, Mayor?

Slowly! In fact I haven't got started on the roof because I have been busy tearing down the fire escape so that I can rebuild the roof and a 10 foot section of gutter. The fire escape was put on this place way back in 1962 when the third floor was turned into an apartment and the building was zoned commercial. It was made of wood and had corrugated fiberglass nailed to the sides for protection against the elements.

I thought it would take me two days to tear this thing down but it is in worse shape than I thought so I can't work off any of the platforms inside the structure for fear of the floors collapsing. The steps have all started to collapse as well. I have to work off of a ladder for the most part.

The top of this is about 40 feet off the ground and cutting wood with a saw-zall while standing on a ladder this high up is a little scary. Especially if you cut the wrong piece of wood.

Day 1 got the roof off. This took a few hours to do.

Day 2 Got it this far.

Yesterday was day 3 but I don't have pictures yet. I expect it will be down by this evening.

I have only been able to spend a few hours a day working on this due to meetings and numerous phone calls. This is more than the trivial roofing project that the local paper wanted to portray it as. I think they are realizing that because they sent a photographer out to to take pictures of me working.


At 9/19/2010 11:15 PM, Anonymous Kate H. said...

That Day 2 picture makes that thing look totally crazy. And scary.

I'm hoping and trusting you got the rest of it down safely.

At 9/21/2010 9:55 PM, Anonymous Darryl Buske said...

Hi there Gary. Your blog is the first post that I've read today. I knew I have to leave a comment or something coz' the heading in your blog actually inspired me sir. Your home does have a lot of history. You must have been so proud. So how's your renovation sir? Hope everything is okay. Actually, I am also in the process of renovating my home and having my roof replaced by these fantastic roofers, Denver Co based. It's a 30 year old house and before I finally move in, I want to be sure that it is safe. Glad that I was able to find reliable roofers, Denver area. I hope to finally move in before November.

Thanks Gary for sharing your photos. More power to you!

At 11/29/2010 1:47 AM, Anonymous Janet said...

A tardy happy Thanksgiving to all, and a pleasant stress free holiday shopping season. Keep up the good work on

your blog!


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