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Monday, October 17, 2011

Helping Mother - A Comedy of Errors (part two)

OK, in England the plumbing is weird. You can buy copper pipe for plumbing. It comes in 22 mm and 15 mm sizes and you can buy plastic pipe, similar to PEX but more rigid which is joined with what we would call "gator grips" in the US. Of course in the US you can also use PVC or CPVC pipe for plumbing.
So, I have to re-route the plumbing in order to shut off the downstairs bathroom from the rest of the house. This I am able to do using the plastic Speedfit system however I run into a problem. The copper pipe feeding he bathroom is in a very awkward place behind the bath tub. In fact it was so awkward that at one point a hole was knocked into the wall to access the pipes due to previous leaks. Here is a picture showing a boarded up hole in a concrete block wall behind where the bath tub was located.

I was able to re-route the cold water line quite easily. It was all 15 mm pipe and the Speedfit fittings worked great. I had problems though with the 22 mm fittings over the copper pipe. They tended to leak. Here is a picture of the new plumbing in the water closet. Some of those copper pipes feed the radiator system. Don't get me started on that ...

Now while I was trying to figure out the plumbing I went ahead and tiled the walls. I ran into a slight problem though. The tile cutter that we had borrowed would cut tiles up to 12" across. My mother had chosen 16" tiles. Of course this was realized late at night. This meant that we had to rent a long tile cutter. Since the stores in England tend to close by 6 PM, this was another delay.

The next day I rented the tile cutter but after cutting 8 tiles the device that split the tiles broke. This meant a quick return to the rental facility before it closed so that I could get a tile splitter that would handle the 16" tiles. Murphy's law was certainly at play!

I also needed a hole cutter for the sink waste pipe and a carbide saw blade for a jig saw. Let me just say that things are quite expensive in England. By this point it is Wednesday and I was hoping that I would have been finished by now. No such luck though!

Next I will tell you why the 22mm Speedfit fittings were leaking. By this point I was frustrated with plumbing, however, I am used to it by now .....

Just so you can relate to everyone involved, here is a picture of my mother doing what she likes most .... shopping!


At 10/25/2011 9:36 PM, Blogger Greg said...


Not related to this blog entry, so you don't have to post it if you don't want to.

I caught you on the CBS news this morning. I couldn't agree with Dayton's policy on immigration more. There is so much immigrant bashing going on people forget that it was immigration that made this country what it was. If someone wants to take the risk to come to a new country to make a go of it, I say that is the type of person we need. Obviously they are not lazy. Obviously they want a better future for their family. What more could you want in a citizen?!?!

The Petch House

At 11/09/2011 7:31 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Really interesting post guys! From the looks of the plumbing in the image, had the plumber completed any Plumbing Courses up to the time of the posting?

At 12/19/2011 10:50 PM, Anonymous plumbing said...

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At 12/29/2011 4:55 AM, Anonymous Tiling Tools said...

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