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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

More Molding Installed

The time has come to install more molding in the dining room. If you recall, the last time I posted about this the windows and doors were finally trimmed out and the room was starting to look finished. Well, now it is more finished! I have been installing base boards, chair rail and picture rail over the last two weeks whenever I get some spare time. The plan has always been to paint the chair rail and picture rail gold to match the gold in the chandelier, mirror frame, picture frames and the wall paper in the room. I started with a hammered finish metallic gold spray paint which produced the result in the three pieces on the right side in the picture below. To antique the gold I used my old friend, Amber Shellac. Two coats of the stuff produced the three pieces on the left. I painted some black edges to some of the molding to make the gold color stand out even more.

This picture shows some of the chair rail and base board in place. The room is almost finished at the time of writing. I just have to install the molding around the fire place area and on the ceiling before it will be done.

In this picture you can see the picture rail at the top of the wall. It defines the color change from dark green to dark red and is certainly more tidy than the wavy hand painted line I have had to look at for many years! You will also note that I added red and yellow painted daisy details to the corner blocks on the doorways. These compliment the details in the ceiling medallion which you can view in this old post.

So, slowly things are getting done around here. All be it very slowly .....


At 11/27/2012 9:47 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

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