Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting Plastered Slowly

The basement walls are slowly getting plastered. Very slowly ... This wall here is where all my leaks are when it rains for several days.

It looked like this

and then like this after a few applications of plaster over several days when I had some time.

Here is another outside wall that will need quite a bit of work. I discovered that these walls were built with

mud between the stones and not mortar while knocking off the dead plaster. In fact, after loosening a few stones and seeing some daylight through the wall it prompted me to install some galvanized pipe through the hole so that I can hook up an outdoor faucet on this side of the house when I am in the mood to tackle a little plumbing. This could be a while ....

Anyway, my door is made, which is the reason why this whole project began in the first place. My cats can expand their territory and confine their wayward toilet habits to the basement where house guests would not be inflicted with their gastrointestinal dysfunctions!


Tracy Gosson said...

wow - was searching the web for help stripping my banister railing, getting white film residue (going to try denatured alcohol..) and i find your blog. how cool! i am a class of 1988 UD grad, bought a house in Baltimore city circa 1875 back in 1995 (as you know, these are projects are always works in progress :)

was back in Dayton for my 20th reunion, that city has changed so much since i was there. i was on a team pitching the city for a market analysis/marketing RFP a while back that go pulled - thought it would be interesting to go back help (i marketed Balt City for 9 years & started i see a lot of efforts taking place to help move Dayton forward.

best of luck to you leading the city and transforming your gorgeous home!

P.j. said...

Nice door!

Anonymous said...

Somehow this title made me think something different?! Good thing we grow out of some activities? Looks good :))))

P.j. said...

I just learned a new term the other day--"parging", which is what I believe is your latest project.

Kne said...

Hi - big job - You may or may not know this but the type of mortar you use is very important and can ruin your house. I did an article on it here.

Good luck with your project.

James said...

Nice job - slowly getting there!Just discovered this blog and it's been nice looking back at the journey you've taken =)

Sandy said...

Love the door. Like the delicate way you describe kitties litter box habits. LOL