Friday, September 18, 2015

Bad City Services Rant 1

I'm not one to complain. I am pretty tolerant of most things but the time has come to expose the City of Dayton's Building Inspection Department for their total lack of professionalism and their disrespect for the citizens of this city that contribute to their salaries. I have two stories to tell. This one happened today and is absolutely pathetic.

Helen's House had no water pressure. The problem was the service line BEFORE the water meter in the house. After all it was installed around 100 years go. In the old days this was the City's responsibility to fix but they changed codes years ago making the line under your property YOUR responsibility. I bring this up because it is what most people would complain about. My story has nothing to do with this issue. I accept responsibility for what is mine. So, we hired a local plumber. John's Plumbing Service a minority owned small business here in Dayton to replace the line. He has done an excellent job by the way. Here is what the yard looked like yesterday.

Now this is not an inexpensive job. The total bill is over $2500 and included in that are permit fees to the City for an inspection of the service line and the placement of the external water meter.
Today the inspector showed up. Now he could of pulled up on the adjacent vacant lot off of the main road like the contractor and the gentleman from the water department did who had to sever an old lead pipe off of the shut off valve. He could have pulled up next to the garage at the alley in this open space and walked to the front of the house.

What did he actually do? A picture paints a thousand words and mine were not so pretty. I just bit my tongue, waved at the inspector and started taking photographs of all the damage.
He drove across my garden! Just follow the tire tracks .....

First hitting the raspberry bushes I planted this year.

Then across my fall crop of arugula.

Next he crushed a row of carrots.

Then hit the Brussel sprouts and red cabbage.

And finally a row of onions.

Obviously doing his job as lazily as possible is more important than the work I put in to maintaining my properties and trying my hand at the urban agricultural thing that the mayor thinks is the best thing since sliced bread. This is not acceptable in so many ways. First it is unprofessional. It is also disrespectful of my property. If I did this to someones yard I would be charged with vandalism. I paid for this service with my permit fees. The city leaders boast about how they are working to improve customer service. Well I will tell you where it starts. By treating people and their property with respect. If this guy worked for me I would fire him on the spot. He disrespected a customer while performing his job. If this guy was one of the contractors employees I would expect him to be sent home or have his pay docked to compensate the customer. In Dayton though, since he works for the City, he will probably get promoted.


Kate H. said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Wonder which would be worse-- if he did it on purpose, or if he just plowed your yard without thinking at all.

Lewis said...

Personally I have never steered a car or truck accidentally in any direction. I thought at first, come on Gary you can't even tell there is a garden there. Then, I seen the cabbage....geez! Perhaps the inspector needs his eyes checked.