Friday, April 15, 2005

It's a menagerie

First it was a cat living in the basement (which we adopted). Then it was mice. Next came the raccoon that would sneak in and drink from the toilet leaving tell tale paw prints all over the house and crap along a particular beam in the attic. Then we had squirrels, then a bat. Next was the groundhog. Then more bats. After that it was mice again, but only on the 3rd floor. A possum lives under the front porch and triggers my motion lights at night but yesterday the worst nightmare arrived!


A pair of these are trying to nest on the balcony since I have no ceiling installed and despite attempts to shoo them off they keep coming back! Pigeons are dirty birds, they are crapping all over the porch floor!
I am being punished for that day I went fishing for pigeons from a friends highrise flat in London while still at college. Hey, we were bored and the fish weren't biting. (There were no fish in the Thames then.)

I wish I had some calcium dicarbide to feed them....

"Here birdy birdy!" munch, munch, uh? Kaboom!

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