Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Matching Pair

This is one matching pair I wouldn't wish on anyone! If you read this a few weeks ago you would know that I whacked myself on the index finger with a roofing hammer while putting a roof on a garage. Well, yesterday, while installing oak flooring in the second floor hallway of "Ye olde house of meth" I managed to whack the forefinger of the same hand with a regular hammer. My finger is still throbbing, time for some more aspirin! Wanna see? 


 So now I have a matching pair!


Anonymous said...

OK. It looks like it's time to pass the hat around to collect enough money to buy Gary a pneumatic nailer.

Easy on the fingers!



Anonymous said...

if you hold the nail between 2 fingers instead of between your thumb and index finger it doesnt hurt as much since your fingers are flat instead of sideways. Any 2 fingers work, as you take one out just move further down your hand. when your out of fingers your done for the day:)
learnd it from a carp long ago after a hard night out. Kids are dumb ainit.

Anonymous said...

oh ya

fingernails down.....