Sunday, April 15, 2007

Adding to My Collection

Most people collect stamps, coins, thimbles or other useless stuff that has some perceived value. I seem to collect holes in walls! The way this happens is like this; I start to work on a room. I notice a bulge in the wall where I know there is a chimney located behind the bulge. I wait months, even years before I do anything. Then one day I get bored stripping gook off of floors and whack the spot with a hammer and before you know it I have this!

Here is the widescreen version;

I currently have six of these. I used to have two more but have sinced patched them and smoothed out the wall so you would never know that they ever existed.
If you turn around, you see this:

Hey, what's that bath tub still doing here?


LisaBe said...

yeah...i don't so much do it with chimneys, but with any loose or cracked plaster. it's like a scab or peeling sunburn. i just cannot leave it alone. at least you have the self-discipline to leave it alone for a *little* while, though--that's worthy of applause, imho! me, as soon as i see it, i'm looking for an implement of destruction--a putty knife, a hammer, a spoon...really, it's sad.

kendra said...

I'm so tempted to start whacking away the loose plaster on my wall, but since it's not part of a chimney bulge, I don't know where I would ever stop. I mean, what if it's all just one whack away from being loose once I knock the adjacent looser bits off? *frets* OK, I must really need a special wall to ruin. LOL.