Monday, April 23, 2007

Sealing the Deal

Ha! You all thought that I must have been on vacation because it has been a week of silence. You would be WRONG! I've been putting together a NEW BLOG geared towards homeschoolers in the Dayton area. If you have a home school related blog and want me to link to it, send me an email. If you are in Dayton and know homeschoolers then send them the link. In about two years when Elizabeth has to report to school I hope to have an established resource network and open communication through the community blog.

So what have I done around the house this week? Well let me tell you... I have had to cut the grass and then I decided to revitalize all of the dry, discolored wood parts of many of my auction bought tools AND my mega-heavy $10.00 wood extension ladder. This is done with boiled linseed oil and turpentine (or paint thinner) which is sucked up by the wood and helps make it water resistant. I saw this on one of those gay dude hosted gardening shows on PBS. (Yes, I actually watched a gardening show on PBS once, OK maybe a couple of times.) The mixture also makes a great Eau de Cologne for renovators but that is another story.

I also started the tuck pointing process on my back wall to the house where water runs down due to a leaky box gutter. This is the cause of my wet walls in the bathroom and the infamous ceiling mushrooms. As I was standing on my newly oiled ladder I scraped one of those mushrooms out of the old mortar between some bricks and while inside the house I noticed that there are another three growing out of the wall above the window molding in the bathroom. Once I have tuck pointed I have to let the wall dry out a bit and then I can spray it with water seal.

I have been ordered by "The Boss" to do what is necessary to fix the plumbing because there is something growing in the toilet.


Anonymous said...

At least it's growing in the toilet :)

Chris said...

Go on...what's in the toilet?

Northland Stories said...

Another stay at home dad? I thought I was the only one! (I work part time and my wife full time, but I have the kids 5, 2, and 13 mos. the rest of the time) Life is good.

Anonymous said...

Ok what is in the toilet? The worst we've seen is a HUGE black ant. I'm glad we saw it before it saw a full moon.