Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Different Class of Lowes

We were in Dublin, Ohio on Friday and had to make a right turn and turn around at an intersection in order to get back to where we had to go. Deborah asked a question that is always answered with a "Yes".

"Do we need anything at Lowes?"

To which I answered "I need ANOTHER bucket of joint compound."

So we pulled into the Lowes parking lot and I had to take these two pictures.

The front of the store. In Dublin you are Irish 365 days a year so I'm guessing the trademark "Lowes blue" is a banned color.

This is a picture of the eco-friendly cart return station that took me 5 minutes to find. I was looking for the traditional metal corral effect that we have in Dayton.

Once you enter the front door though everything looks the same. To my surprise the bucket o'joint compound was a good 50 cents cheaper than the Dayton variety. I guess it pays to have class. This seems to be one of those high development towns with lots of new buildings popping up all over the place. I guess the population just keeps dub'lin!

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Christy ~ Central Air said...

hee hee - This is one of the two Lowe's that I frequent, my 'closest to the office' Lowe's. While I'll agree that it *is* a little pretentious and suburb-ified, I've found that the staff there is a little friendlier and more helpful than the staff of my 'closest to home', more urban Lowe's.