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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

For Whom the Bell Tolls.

I got an 1892 iron box electric bell on Ebay this week to use for a doorbell ringer. I didn't like any of the modern chimes or the way they looked, so I opted once again for that old timey stuff.

This thing arrived and I tested it using the transformer that controls my thermostat to the furnace and after hearing it work I mounted it on one of those wood bases that you can buy at a craft supply shop. (I just happened to have a few lying around, stained and varnished of course.) I wiped it with a little linseed oil to make it shine and screwed a hinged loop to the back so that I can hang the thing on a nail or a picture hook. I can use some of that old cloth covered copper wire from the primitive alarm system that I pulled out of the floor for effect as I wire this baby up!

Here is an old catalogue page of a similar bell.

I plan to place it in the hall on the second floor but if it isn't loud enough I might just have to buy two or three more and place them in strategic locations throughout the house! I wonder what the cats are going to think about this.......


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