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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another (Drastic) Change in the Plan. With Update!

It is really great doing everything yourself because you can change your mind about stuff and it doesn't cost any money for extra labor! For example, our tiny powder room under the stairs. It turns out that I am not going to be able to attach a faucet to the wall because I only have 1 inch of space in the wall for the plumbing attachments and that won't do. Besides, the neck of claw foot tub faucet that I planned to use extends too far over the sink. So we are sort of back to the original plan but I am adding a twist. Why? Because I can.

Let me make it very clear that I had no intentions to do what I am going to do but I think I can pull it off and make this room look classy at the same time. Remember, it is just a bathroom.
The concrete sink is made, polished and installed. It still needs a topical sealer to give it a wet look but I have to wait a couple of weeks before I can do that because the concrete has to fully cure. I am very pleased with my sink. So much so that I poured a 4 inch high back splash Saturday and two 1/4 inch thick side tiles that I hope will survive the mold breaking and polishing process.

I trimmed out the alcove that the sink sits in after painting it a completely different color and will hopefully get the molding painted later this afternoon. I have made the plumbing apparatus and installed the mirror that I had hanging in the bathroom at our resident house. You read that correctly, I MADE the plumbing apparatus. It is in place but not installed because the back splash has to be installed over some of it.

Those lovely women at House Made eluded to this a couple of weeks back and I didn't pay any attention to it then but when we ran into the problem with the faucet all bets were off. In fact I became inspired after somehow winding up on this site and now I am going to make my own side lights for the mirror and a really cool ceiling fixture using some plumbing parts, some wood, antique style bulbs and some funky decorative wiring. When I make my lighting I will be sure to make an extra set and sell it on Ebay to see if there is a market for it. Anyway, as of today, THIS was the view from the toilet! (It is a composite made from two photographs in case you think my walls are bowed)

Can you see where this is going? All I need now is a few funky Victorian patent designs to hang on the wall and a couple of etched brass clockwork switch plates. I'll also need to make a toilet tank cover that looks like riveted iron and be sure to put a few Jules Verne novels on it!


Here is a close up picture of the sink for all those people who want to try this for themselves.

Here is a picture that may help you realize just how small this space is. You will notice that I did get the molding painted......


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