Sunday, December 23, 2007

Presenting .....

The "Steam Punk" sink alcove

I made the lights from some copper plumbing pipe that I had lying around. I did have to buy a few bits new. Since there is no space behind the wall to run wires, I made a wire run from the copper pipe that dumps the wires out under the sink where I have to install a GFCI outlet. Her is a close up of one of the the lights.

Those coiled wires at the top add to the effect but they double up as a grounding wire which runs inside the pipe to the plug outlet so that the copper pipe doesn't become "live". I finally found a use for all that cloth covered copper wire (from the antiquated alarm system that was installed in the 1890s) that I pulled out of the floors when I sanded them . Candlabra sockets insert nicely into 3/4 inch pipe but to use Edison bulbs I had to use an adaptor which looks aged because I painted the cardboard insulator sleeve with shellac.

I learned a few things about reproduction light bulbs this week. There are two types of "vintage" look bulbs on the market. There are several types availiable and they are all expensive. I bought a couple of bulbs from a light parts supplier for my ceiling lights that I want to make. (The critical parts are on back order so we all have to wait on those!) They are made by "Bulbrite" and say "Made in China" on the bulb. They look like old bulbs and the 40 watt bulb puts out about 30 watts but the filament has supports and isn't carbon. After ordering these at $12.50 each I managed to score a batch of 6 working reproduction carbon filament bulbs on Ebay for less than $30.00 including shipping. These bulbs are all 60 watt and put out about 25 watts but have a cool orange glow. These are on in the picture of the alcove above. The filament is not supported at all on the carbon filament bulbs. They are certainly better for ambiance than the Bulbrite bulbs but not brightness or energy savings! The carbon filament bulbs are made by "Ferrowatt" or by "Kyp-go". The latter supplies Rejuvenation with their bulbs.
So let me show you what I made tonight

1890s style table lights! These are a surprise for the missus. The bulb on the left is the Bulbrite bulb, on the right is the carbon filament bulb.
On a side note, that concrete sink has been sealed with a wet look sealer that cost $22.00 a gallon and all I needed was less than a cup of the stuff. (Looks like I need to make a few sinks to sell to use up the extra sealer!) That is why it is so shiney. Here is how the inside looks. Amazing what can be done with concrete.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, just awesome!

Anonymous said...

wow! that is some outstanding work.

Jen said...

So Creative! I really like the fact that your washing machine is a work bench and a backdrop for your photo shots.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Hopefully you canmove in next year!?

Sara said...

On the bulbs -- my local "Light Bulb Shop" has the Bulbrites at 25W and 40W for $2 each. (in other words, I think you were getting ripped off...)

They also had Edison bulbs of a more globular design for $16, which is $4 more than Rejuvenation.

Gary said...

If you can get those for $2 each then you should buy them out and sell them on Ebay because the lowest price I can find them for is $9.94 online searching "Bulbrite". The carbon filament ones are the way to go though.

Larry said...

Gary -

Your Steampunk inspired sink alcove is AWESOME!

Mind if I steal your ideas for my house?

I am wanting to give the attic an adventure/safari/Steampunk theme and those lights would be perfect!

Qaro said...

Wow, that is really neat. Your blog is awesome.