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Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's All About the Money!

Like many other HouseBloggers out there we entered the Remodelling My Space blog competition in the hopes of winning some cold hard cash that we could use to help offset the cost of supplies (after paying taxes of course!) In order to move closer to completion of the "Old Crack House", which will soon be a seven year long project, I had hoped that we had a chance of winning the popularity contest portion for $1000.00. However, after getting an unlucky amount of votes in six months while others accumulated mounds of votes in minutes I realized that being popular was futile! Who needs to be popular anyway? Now the competition is over and the judges are off doing their thing this week and results will be posted in a week or so, but in the meantime I got this message from the site owner;

To kick off the Christmas season, we're going to have a little mini-contest that will end on Sunday night (December 2, 2007) at midnight....
Here is the contest criteria:
$100 will go to the blog who writes the most creative post about our 'Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas' pictures on this page (link to this page required):
You know how much we love creativity, so be very creative with your post (no hints)!
Once completed and posted, send me an email with a link to your post, so it can be reviewed. Post must be entered by midnight Sunday December 2, 2007.
Judging will take place Monday and will be announced on The ideaBlog on Monday evening - we'll also send you an announcement.
Judge will be: my Mom. :) (Isn't Christmas about family?)
Who's up for a little Christmas tree decorating?!

So, since this may be my last chance at some $$$ for a while I have carefully thought about what I needs to be told.

There are a lot of people out there who will do crazy things for $100.00. In fact, I have been told that there is one particular woman on Third Ave who will do ANYTHING for $100.00. So if I win this I plan on going to seek her out, give her the money and get her to paint my house! Anyway, I digress.

I checked out that link about Christmas Trees and I realized a few things.
The first thing I realized is that people who have Christmas trees are loosely followers of one particular religious group. I doubt that devout Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Wiccans, Druids, Atheists or worshippers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster would decorate their homes with Christmas trees.
The second thing I realized is that people who are contestants in the Remodelling My Space competition who got the same email message as me would have to believe in Christmas trees and be willing to put one in their own house before they would give up a link on their blog (and lose blogshare value). That means that some people may not bother to post anything and try to win a measly $100.00 especially if their blog share value would plummet from the added link. So maybe I actually have a chance!
The third thing I realized is that I really didn't have anything else to write about this weekend and most importantly ............ besides the fact that I am out of beer, I am now fully confident that with that $100.00, a couple of cases of beer and the help of that woman on Third Ave I can produce a thing of beauty like this

from my Christmas tree.


At 12/02/2007 1:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree,
You are just a wanna be,
Add some birds and ribbons three,
You'll be amazed at what you see.

At 12/02/2007 7:31 AM, Blogger Midwest Bicycle Company said...

Wiccans do indeed put up Christmas trees, as do most Pagans. The whole tree thing was adapted from the Yule celebration of the Celts, which was was "borrowed" from the Nordic traditions. Central to their (solstice) celebration was the decoration of an evergreen tree, a Yule Log, mistletoe, and the colours red and white.

Sound familiar? lol

At 12/03/2007 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's always the same with these blog-contests: People only vote for blogs they know and they don't even have a look on other blogs comparing them carefully. So only the amount of readers counts and not the quality of a blog. - I love your blog and for me it would have been worth winning the contest.
By the way: Just hang only one single ornament onthe tree and it will look very stylish ;o)
This way you earn a lot more time for doing other things... What about the concrete sink? Is it posished and finished yet? I'm very curious how it looks when it's totally finished.


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