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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let's Play a Game (Part 2)

Today was trash collection day. However there is more to today's City customer service story. I went out to my truck that was parked across the street from my house to get a sheet that I had left on the back seat. I last drove the truck on Monday evening and was parked on the street instead of behind my house because I had got stuck in snow in my alley on Sunday morning as we were leaving to go to an auction. Since there are still copious amounts of snow around my house I parked on the public street figuring that in a few days I would move the truck back to it's regular spot. I found this stuck in the driver side door. It was left this morning.

My truck, which has no snow on it and has been parked in one spot for 36 hours gets a warning for "Overtime Parking" which is an offense I have never heard of before. The officer would have run my plates and known who the vehicle was registered to and could easily determine that it was parked across the street from owner's property. Someone must have complained.

Now what is so amusing about this to me is that my car has been parked in front of my house all covered in snow and has not been moved in over a week but there was no warning posted on it. So, I was out scraping the snow off the car this afternoon so that I could drive it when the garbage truck came up the alley. I stopped what I was doing. Ran to the house. Grabbed the iPad and set it on video so that I could record whether or not they would take the trash that has been sitting for four weeks now. I got so excited when the guy got off the truck and pulled my can to the lifter. Then this happened.

My guess is that the rug had froze to the bin and so they took the whole thing. Something that would not have happened if the bin was emptied during any of the three previous pick up dates. Now if I remember correctly, in order to get a new garbage can from the city, I need to report this bin stolen and file a police report. Isn't it ironic?


At 2/26/2015 1:40 AM, Blogger Jan Marie said...


The last three weeks they have been only dumping 1/2 of our trash.

I hope they don't try and make you pay for another trash can.

Sounds like a waste of police time writing citations for such BS. It would be different if they had written one for both of your vehicles but since it was just for the car, which was cleared of snow, it looks very suspicious.

At 3/07/2015 11:50 PM, Anonymous Kate H. said...

O my gosh, Gary, that is-- that is-- !


Twice in the past four months the trash pickup people (non-municipal) have run off with my recycling bins at the monthly pick up. Getting fed up.

So what has happened with yours?

(Bet you people wish they'd reelected you.)

At 8/20/2015 12:19 AM, Blogger LemonDrop said...

Gary - Hula Madness was AWESOME! Your daughter is really growing up, isn't she!


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