Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sometimes it Takes a Year or Two or Seven.

See this picture? It was taken in November 2007. It shows the doorway between the hall and the dining room. To the right is a door that we bought for $5 at a yard sale. The plan has always been to put that door up.I found a picture from 2005 and that door was in it too! It has been there a while.

Now look at this picture that was taken in January 2014. You will notice that the door is still there.

Now you would think that I would be smart and put the door up to keep the heat in the main part of the house. That is not the case. I never do things for obvious reasons. I tend to do things to solve problems. We have a problem with one of our three cats. Actually two of our cats are a problem. One is getting old and craps everywhere. It is runny crap, not easy to clean up. She is good at keeping to hard wood or tile surfaces and has a spot in the hall where she regularly leaves us a gift in the morning. I also think she has Torrette's syndrome but that is another story. The other cat is the real problem. She likes to come upstairs at 4 AM and call out a lot. If the door is closed she will scratch at it until someone wakes up and opens it for her. Then she will wander around and call out .... did I say A LOT! This is repeated at 5 AM and again at 6 AM. Been going on for weeks. I finally had one of hose "Aha" moments and told the wife that if I put that door up and something to stop her from jumping through it until I get the glass replaced it would stop her from coming upstairs and guarantee us some sleep. This past weekend, guess what I did?

You can see that I reused one of my political signs from 2009 as the device to stop the cat from getting into the hall. I was so proud of myself, the next day I went and found the can of shellac and now it looks like this. Amazing what alcohol will do!

So now the cat is mad at us and hides away all day. That first night the she could no longer go upstairs and annoy us, she peed on one of the floors!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Sounds like our cat travails...we have a sporadic pooper (but not runny) AND a pee-er, who also is of the wee hours 'yamming' persuasion...
Our old man pee-er is mad at us from some medical stuff that happened a year ago, or else he's become incontinent & senile--I've heard they wail like that/become needy when they get old. Your post made me realize we're not alone. But, hmm, cat Tourette's? That sounds REALLY interesting....

G. Robison said...

Love your house, love your blog.

Free advice from a cat vet: have your vet check her for hyperthyroidism since that is not uncommon in elderly cats and can cause diarrhea and behavior problems. Make sure she's not eating foods containing fish since that is a leading cause of inflammatory bowel disease in my experience. And maybe have your vet give her a 5 day course of fenbendazole just in case she's picked up Giardia somewhere along the way.

You're very welcome, lol! Good luck with her.

Shine More Light said...

Haha..nice story. You trolled the cat in a brilliant way :D