Tuesday, April 19, 2005



To ANY home:

Two very stubborn pigeons.
No distinguishing features. They look like any other pigeons do but these two have exhibited extraordinary persistence and a strong desire to nest in one location. Definitely a breeding pair, you can double your investment in a short time.
They have been very good about NOT crapping where they roost and may even be toilet trained. They like to strut about on roof ledges and ceiling joists.
Dislikes include being disturbed, being yelled at, having pebbles thrown at them and lately, the site of soft drink cans hung by string near where they want to nest.
Should you want these fine birds, feel free to catch them yourself. (I have heard that salt on the tail works wonders.) Email me for directions.....
As a bonus gift you can have a squirrel. I see one is nesting in the roof of my front porch.


Anonymous said...

I know that these birds are a source of frustration for your...but for the rest of us, they are great entertainment! I look forward to your latest animal adventures each day.

Greg said...

Boy, I am tempted. I evicted my pair and, you know, I kind of miss them. I'm not sure if it was all the poop or the constant noise. Oh, and all I had to do to get rid of them was to dismantle the addition to my house that they had taken up residence in. Done and done.

Anonymous said...

lol....I'll trade you your two pidgeons for my one racoon. My racoon's likes - making loud noises during the night, climbing on to my roof, crying like a baby from the alley, and leaving dead birds for me in my back yard. Hey...wait a sec.....I could loan you my racoon.....