Saturday, May 28, 2005

Just the shower pan left to tile!

I have posted pictures of my tiling adventures HERE on my May 2005 page at the original web site. Just to make it exciting I have put in before and during pictures of the bathroom. When we bought the place this room was actually a small bathroom and a kitchen for the 2nd floor apartment. The rooms were separated by a beadboard partition put up when a bathroom was installed back in the days of yore! It may not be apparent in the pictures but I still have to actually put the shower pan mosaic tile in. Deborah has changed her mind about a pattern that we have planned to use for the last three years and I have had to spend a day rearranging the pattern to one that she likes. She has also decided that she wants a frameless glass shower instead of glass between two floor-to-ceiling columns as originally planned three years ago when the bathroom project got started... I think the bathroom project is going to get expensive!

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Jocelyn said...

Looks great- bathroom looks like a spa! I bet your at an expert level on tiling now, if you weren't already.