Sunday, May 22, 2005

Pouting While Grouting

Well the tile is in place in both the cottage dining room AND the master bathroom. These aren't small rooms either. The dining room required 170 sq. ft. of tile for the floor and the bathroom was about 150 sq. ft. and I still have to pick up the tile and install it in the shower pan which is 4 ft. X 9 ft. in size. I get to pick it up tomorrow and install it on Tuesday! I had to rent a tile saw for two days to make all the cuts. There were well over 100 with the diamond pattern on the floor and the marble tiles for the wall behind the shower. I now have a hell of a lot of marble coasters though! I couldn't let those strips of marble tile that I cut go to waste so I made a bunch of smaller square tiles and even some 1 inch mosaics which I got to use on the seat in the shower.

Today I grouted the dining room. If you have never done tiling, well grouting is tough on the knees, hands and fingers. My knees are now bald, my hands are shriveled and dry and the tips of my fingers are raw and missing a few layers of skin AND I still have to grout the bathroom this week! I'm not a happy camper. Time for more aspirin methinks......

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Jocelyn said...

Yes tiling is kind of hard on the skin isn't it? And working with that abrasive grout and mortar is kind of like a mini nails on a chalkboard to me but I do love tile.