Monday, May 30, 2005

Weights and Measures Part 1

Ever wonder why your lot is a certain size? This may explain it. It certainly explains why all the lots around here are 33 feet wide at the front. From "Household Discoveries" dated 1909;

"Surveyors Measure.- In addition, the following table based upon Gunter's Chain, which is 4 rods or 66 feet, is employed for land surveying. An engineers chain, used by civil engineers, is 100 feet long, and consists of 100 links.

7.92 inches = 1 link
25 links = 1 rod
100 links = 1 chain
66 feet = 1 chain
4 rods = 1 chain
10 sq. chains - 160 sq. rods = 1 acre
80 chains = 1 mile
640 acres = 1 sq. mile
625 sq. links = 1 sq. pole
16 sq. poles = 1 sq. chain

The term perch or pole is sometimes used instead of square rod. The rood, 40 perches, or 1/2 acre, is found in old title deeds and surveys."

Once again I become the provider of weird and somewhat redundent information! Coming soon, I shall tell you exactly what a Firkin is......


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary! Thanks for the great info! The cracks above the doors and windows are minimal. Then again, there are a few layers of walls, so who knows. I guess my biggest concern was the floors. It's nice to know that somebody else out there has slanted floors and they're living with them just fine! :)
Thanks again...have a great day!

Jocelyn said...

Where do you get all this fascinating info? Are you a librarian on the side? I am impressed. :)

Gary said...

No, I'm not a librarian. I learn on a need to know basis. When I need to know something then I read about 5 different versions of how to do it. I am not an avid reader. It takes me months to read a novel. My cultural reading is done whilst sitting on the "throne", I read through stuff that looks interesting as well as flip through the pages of "This Old House" magazine and "Better Homes and Gardens". I am quite a wealth of useless information!