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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Something to Blog about

I have received orders from Deborah to make the bathroom sink counter. The process takes a few weeks to complete since this will be made out of concrete and then polished. Last year I made the kitchen counter and was quite pleased with the result considering I had never done anything like it before. You can see pictures of it HERE.

Besides the bathroom countertop I also have to make a hearth for this fireplace

and a piece for the kitchen at the residence to replace the laminate piece that covers the dishwasher that doesn't match the rest of the kitchen counter. (Just something to make the place more attractive to a potential buyer).

Today was spent planning and preparing for the process. All of the pieces will be quite simple to produce since they are all basically rectangles but there are a few challanges. The bathroom sink will be top mounted but is an oval shape. Here it is.

Made in Mexico in case you wondered and we paid $120 for this plus a smaller one for the powder room on the first floor (some day, some day). We bought them at a home show a couple of years ago. This is the piece of furniture we are using for the base.

I have already carefully removed the top but I have no Idea what I am going to do with it. I think we got the dresser at an auction for around $100.

The plan is to make a long counter with the sink in the center of the piece of furniture. It is about one inch off center of the wall because we want the door to open all the way. This means I will have to fiddle with the lighting when all is done but that should be fairly easy to do. I got the counter support cut today and mounted to the base as you can see here.

We can put stacking baskets in the enclosed space below the counter on the left side. I have to screw some 2 X 4s to the wall to add support for the left side and rear of the counter. I'll figure out how I want that to look by tomorrow. That piece of cut out card on top is a template for the sink cut out. I have to transfer this to the mold and build a cut-out for the concrete form.
The other challange is to make the hearth in three pieces and two colors so that it looks like this but darker.
The process will be interesting because I have some ideas on how I would like the pieces to look but the end result could be something far from what I am shooting for. I will elaborate more when I am ready to pour the concrete.

I will track my progress over the next few weeks so you can all see how simple this is to do. In the meantime, if you want to know more, go buy THIS BOOK.


At 8/15/2005 12:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great project! We made concrete counters for the wine cellar, but didn't polish them. Do you have pictures of the kitchen countertop posted? (I guess I could look for them, but it's just so easy to ask)! We'll be making concrete counters for the kitchen, but that's months out. Great book, I agree!

At 8/15/2005 9:43 AM, Blogger Gary said...

I just deleted three comments because someone feels they have the right to advertise their SPAM on this site. So Mr. Anonymous, "I'm so great and will hide my identity" don't post your SPAM here. If your business was SO GOOD you wouldn't need to.

At 8/15/2005 9:53 AM, Blogger Gary said...

Click on the first link (the green word HERE) near the top of the post and you can see the kitchen counter.

At 8/15/2005 12:51 PM, Blogger Pete and Jen said...

I'm glad that you posted a comment at our blog because that lead me to find yours! And unlike those annoying spammers, I really will bookmark yours and read the entire thing. I love the history of your house and your sense of humor.

Pete and I grew up in Dayton and Cincinnati. My mom went to Walnut Hills high school... but it might be a different Walnut Hills. Hers is in Cincinnati, not Dayton.

What an incredible house you have! It's absolutely beautiful and the history is fascinating. I admire the vision you had when you took the leap of faith. It's a lot of work but you will have (do have) a connection to the house that you just can't get from a pristine new construction house.

Best wishes to your family!

:) Jen

At 8/15/2005 5:06 PM, Blogger Scott in Washington said...


Those are very interesting counters you have built. I'll get the book for when we do our kitchen.



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