Friday, January 27, 2006

Pergolas and more "house on the hill"

Here are some more pictures for the "Suspense" series. The pair of pergolas and sentry boxes at the apex of the infamous Y.

A picture of the "House on the Hill" from the same vantage point.

Soon I will post my opinion on the subject. Can you guess what it might be?


Ms. P in Jackson said...

I don't know. Make the pergola part a park?

I think the house on the hill is cool along with the house that was bought by those folks who just had their house registered.

Gary said...

The house on the hill IS the same house as the one being put on the registry. This is the same house that the old planners put a road through.

Ms. P in Jackson said...

Oops. Well, it's a nice house.

Anonymous said...

Terminating the Wayne/Stewart junction would end the awkwardness. The city could cap off Stewart with a "DEAD END" cul-de-sac and push traffic out through Anderson and Beckman.

Who wants to go from Belmont to UD anyways?

meltones said...

I had no idea that was even in the works. I can see why they would want to do it, since rush hour traffic does suck for those travelling south on Wilmington, but I don't think that's the solution. I would agree that dead ending Stewart is a much better solution, although it would result in more traffic in the neighborhoods which is a bad thing. I think they just need to accept that it's a part of town that has a lot of traffic, which is still minor compared to areas of say Centerville or Kettering, and let it be. I think the city has done more than enough tearing down and "restructuring" over the years and we can all see what's been lost as a result.

Just wanted to say that you're doing a great job on yr house and that it's great that you've taken on such a major project. We're in the area and it's great to see others doing good things with good homes.