Tuesday, February 28, 2006

36 Degrees of Doneness

Glazing windows when it is 36 degrees INDOORS is not fun at all. Especially when you have to cut some glass to replace broken panes while you are at it. Regardless of the cold temperatures, I was able to re-glaze two six pane sashes and one, one pane sash in an afternoon. I was amazed at my glass cutting skills. Normally I break the glass that I am cutting, but not this time. The secret must be tapping the glass with the club end of the glass cutter (which I picked up on "Ask This Old House" last season) and oiling the cutting wheel of course which I had learned from someone who makes stained glass windows.
My hands were once again smothered in DAP 33 window putty. Which is great for putting fingerprints on any surface and leaving me with that all-telling glazed look.......

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