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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Match of the Day

Let's talk about window hardware. In this place, none of it matches! I don't have enough sets of matching sash locks or pulls to do a room. The windows all had missmatched hardware, some new and some quite old. The living room has three windows. The hardware did all match but two of the locks had broken parts. So, they don't match but do work.

Several months ago a neighbor threw out a pair of sashes, back in October I believe. I threatened to remove the sash lock since it was kind of cool looking. Well, on Friday I finally removed it since the windows were still in a heap on their side yard. It had rusted and wouldn't budge but a little oil took care of that.

I then looked through my cigar box of removed hardware and low and behold, I found one that matched it exactly. It was from the one and only window of two that are in what will be the dining room (which was in a bathroom when we bought the place) which actually opened. The other window had long since been re-muddled and downsized until I restored it and was fortunate to find a pair of sashes that fit the opening around the place.

Here is a picture of the lock which I have already cleaned and put a coat of shellac on. As you can see, it isn't your run of the mill, standard turn of the 20th century, simple sash lock which I actually have several since I tend to scrounge all the thrown out windows in my block.

He shoots! He scores!
What are the chances of that? Well, I guess they were better than winning the Powerball lottery of $365 million! Those odds were 1: 146 million.


At 2/19/2006 12:10 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Oh, Gary, what do you want that that old piece of junk? You seem like a nice guy so I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. If you send that out to me I’ll give you a couple of bucks to cover the time it took to get it off the sash and clean it up.

No, no. No thanks are needed.


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