Friday, May 12, 2006

50 years ago......

This article from "Better Homes and Gardens" printed in October 1955 says that it cost $15,000 to build this 3 bedroom house in the Seattle area. It also states that it wouldn't cost more than $20,000 to build this in an area where building materials are more costly!

I think everyone should read one of these old magazines. The advertisements certainly provide an evenings entertainment!


Ms. P in Jackson said...

I once owned a 1973 Plymouth Valiant. It cost $500 in 1988. My dad bought it for me in Michigan and drove it down to Texas because I needed a reliable car (he loved slant 6's). I drove that thing for four years and never changed the oil, just added some when the oil light flickered. Anyway, the original bill of sale was still in the glove box. It cost $2300 in full and it wasn't an itty bitty compact car. I easily held 5 adults and had a nice size trunk.

I am a big fan if mid-century design and like the house in the magazine. It has lots of style. I can't believe it was so affordable.

At the rate things are going, people won't be able to afford houses or cars.

Anonymous said...

While you're checking out housing costs, you should compare them to incomes. In 1955 I was making about $1.50 an hour as a skilled secretary with husband in college and child on the way. We didn't live lavishly but well. My parents bought a new home for $20,000 (!) We thought that was a huge figure to pay for a house. Everything is relative.