Friday, September 29, 2006

Man or Mouse? Squeak Up!!!

Like many of you, we have mice. These aren't normal mice. They are the result of many years of careful breeding and are multi-generational to the house. I met someone who knew a person who lived on our third floor when it was apartments. He said there were mice in the apartment. We still have mice on the third floor! I suspect they are the descendents of the original 1840s mice that lived in the attic. This lineage has witnessed the developement and patent process attributed to actually building a better mouse trap. The dumb ones have succumbed to a century of snap traps, glue traps and poison while the intelligent ones have procreated to the current residents that defy my attempts to snap-trap them. Every so often I find one of the ancestral dumb ones under linoleum, in an electrcal box, behind a wall access or once in a while I even get a modern dumb one in one of my traps. Last week I found what must be the great great great great great great great great grand parent or aunt or uncle to this brood between the 1st and 2nd floors in that unfinished room next to the laundry room. This one was smart enough to get to a level closer to the kitchen but may have succumbed to the poison traps of a previous resident or owner, who knows. So, in light of recent mouse posts and for those of you who have mice and wish you could scare the little buggers away. This one is for you!


Jodi said...

Ewwwww! A mummified mouse!

That is sooooo nasty. We just found one in our remodel but it consisted of fluff and a tiny mouse skeleton.

John said...

Glad to see you're back online.

The house we demolished for salvage had its own dead mouse burial ground. There was a pocket between the chimney and the wall; when we openned it up about a dozen mummified corpses went everywhere.