Friday, September 08, 2006

My Final Plug for the Yard Sale!

This will be my final chance to promote the neighborhood yard sale here in Dayton, Ohio. We have 65 people signed up for it and one church sale that was scheduled way before we ever thought of a community yard sale event! So, if you ever needed an excuse to drive a couple of hours to Dayton, this is it. Who knows what you will find?

The truth is, we NEVER imagined that this event would be this big. We also anticipate a whole bunch of people who didn't contribute their fee to be on the map having yard or garage sales in the neighborhood making this event even bigger than advertised. Family Video, located at 1910 Wayne Ave is hosting our information booth where we will be handing out maps showing all the locations. They are having a sidewalk sale to show their solidarity. HERE is the map if you don't want to stop at the information booth and be tempted to buy DVDs or videos.

Plans are already being discussed for next years extravaganza. We are planning to invite 2 or 3 adjacent neighborhoods to participate in a two day event at the same time as ours so that there will be 150 - 200 locations within a 1 mile area. Now THAT is what I call a community yard sale!

Once I recover from my role in organizing this event I can tell you about the "Great IKEA Expedition of 2006" that took place earlier this week....


Anonymous said...

Gary -
This is a great idea. It promotes neighborhood and it also a good meet and greet. Our neighborhood does one every year. It has developed into a mini festival. This year they even have a blog.
I invite you to check it out for ideas for next year.
Enjoy reading your blog. Have a great weekend.

K said...

Such a cool idea! I wish I was near Dayton, so I could stop by. I love me some yard sales, though I haven't been to one in a shamefully long of time. My sister/yardsaling partner moved away last year, so some of the joy has been lost.

Josephine H. said...


I discovered your blog through a search and having skimmed through it a bit.

I'm curious, is your house really a former crack house? What is the neighborhood like? How do you obtain such a beautiful house? Aunction?

Fill me in. Thanks!

Gary said...

The house was four apartments when we bought it. Two were occupied by members of one family, the other two were trashed by this family to prevent them from being occupied. They were smoking crack and pot in the house and selling about the immediate neighborhood to support their habit. When we stopped to look at the place a second time they came out into the hall to light a joint so we would smell it from the third floor. They anticipated us becoming their new landlord and tried to discourage us from buying the place.This action caused us to evict them upon buying the house. I should tell that story some day because the way we handled the situation was quite creative. Since the place was in really bad shape we would not have got a conventional mortgage and no-one would lend money unless we paid contractors to do the work. I negotiated a land contract with the owner with a fair interest rate and a promise to pay him off in two years when the place would be in better shape and refinancing would be possible.We paid him interest as lump sum payments at the end of each year and were better than any renter he ever had (or so he said), I think he remodelled his kitchen with the interest payments.
The kicker and learning curve occurred when we tried to pay him off. That is an interesting story and worth blogging about some day because the information may help many people acquire a less than desirable home a little easier.
As for the neighborhood, it isn't bad. I am doing everything that I can to make it better, with or without city support. It is an interesting time to be alive and living in this town.

Anonymous said...

That'd be great to hear those stories some time Greg.
Purchasing a house is still in the offing for us and something along the lines of how you've done it sounds very attractive. ... or at least exciting? ... or ...