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This Old Crack House

From log house to farmhouse. Farmhouse to townhouse. Townhouse to apartment house. Apartment house to crack house. Crack house to our house. Our house to our home.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Hey, while checking my email at the library today I tried to link to "Houseblogs.net" and got this message! I only had a few minutes left of my 1 hour session so I decided not to invoke an override!

You cannot access the following Web address:
The site you have requested is blocked under the policies of the Dayton Metro Library because it offers sexually explicit images, which is prohibited under library policy.If you believe this site is blocked by mistake, you may override the block for ten minutes by entering your adult library card number. The computer system will check to see if you are 18 or older before allowing this bypass. Before proceeding, please make sure you have read and understand the
library's policy regarding acceptable use of the Internet in the library. It is a violation of this policy to display sexually explicit images on library computers. Violating this policy may lead to suspension or denial of Internet privileges.

Who posted the sexually explicit pictures? When? And where can I see them?
Enquiring minds want to know?


At 9/21/2006 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmph. They're probably blackholing serverhost.com's net block because it's being shared by a porno site or three.

At 9/21/2006 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be all that "holding my caulk" talk we've been smattering our sites with.

At 9/21/2006 3:51 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Not to mention all the "stripping pictures".

At 9/21/2006 4:39 PM, Blogger K said...

Hee hee, that cracks me up. Oops, maybe the word "crack" triggers it? In that case, you're in trouble with public libraries everywhere.

At 9/21/2006 4:41 PM, Blogger Jodi said...

LOL! Someone has been naughty.

Didn't they explain that you can't be in the bathtub when taking pictures of it to put on the blogs? Sheesh! ;)

At 9/21/2006 5:12 PM, Blogger Addie said...

My blog has pictures of studs and other things getting hammered, stripped, AND laid! Houseblogging is so very naughty. heh.

At 9/21/2006 5:19 PM, Blogger HomeImprovementNinja said...

well, obviously people that buy old homes are masochists, so maybe they blocked it as an S&M site.

At 9/21/2006 9:24 PM, Blogger Jocelyn said...

I'll never tell! Ninja- you sure hit the nail on the head with that comment.

At 9/21/2006 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the action shots of Gary 'layin' down some lumber'!!


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