Monday, January 22, 2007

A Pre-emptive Strike

I know that I'm not immune to the pox infested blanket as it gets passed from one house-blog to another but I feel quite honored to have been missed in the tag game that has been going around (I assume I was missed because I didn't see my blog tagged but then again, I can't read every blog either). In order to prevent the spread of unwanted scabs I have decided to act first. Vaccinate myself, so to speak. Then I will not have to feel guilty about spreading the love. All those people out there looking for victims can be mad at themselves for missing me and I help stop the thing in it's tracks! Since this is an inoculation of a less deadly strain I won't tell you five things, I'll tell you six, then you can all leave me alone the next time it passes through.

1) Speaking of blankets and scabs, I have NEVER had an STD. I probably deserved a few in my time but never had one.

2) I spent 12 years living in England where I got a free education and a free degree in geology which I never used.

3) The result of #2 was a warped sense of humor and a quick wit. I pay for both daily because my 3 year old has developed the same.

4) I have low expectations when dealing with the ability of others. That way I am easily impressed and rarely disappointed.

5) I didn't know a thing about fixing houses in 2001 when we bought this place. If I did we could have saved ourselves a whole lot of money by not buying it!

6) My mother and ex-wife read this blog..... now that is scary.

This is a special service announcement for Chris Emery. If you haven't heard, I am taunting him. So in case you have stopped listening, this one's for you!


Anonymous said...

I dunno, Gary, that "A" looks a lot like it could be an "Assemble it Yourself Power" salute. Your taunts may spark a Secret Ikea Lovers revolution.

"Say it Loud, I shop at Ikea and I'm PROUD!!"

"We're here, we shop at Ikea, get used to it!"

"All we are sayyyyying... is give Ikea a chance"

Anonymous said...

Gary, of all blogs to be tagged, I thought you would have been one of the FIRST; I didn't tag you or anyone else because I thought they were all tagged (at least the ones I read). I was tagged late in the game and figured pretty much everyone had already been tagged so I left it alone.

All's I can say is: LUCK-Y! To have had your education paid for and live in a foreign country for 12 years.

K said...

Ooh, I'm jealous about the living-in-England thing, too. No fair. I've never lived outside the Southeast U.S.

Gary said...

Will the person who may have tagged me please step forward? Be warned, admission of guilt could result in a roasting of epic proportion! Just ask Chris....