Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What Balls You Have!

This comment was left on my last post! This is not the kind of comment you want to leave when I am in taunting mode!

Can we get off this IKEA stuff, and get back to detailed stripping, plastering, whitewashing, plumbing, rough carpentry and painting. Pictures are allays aprecated as well

Of course it was left by A. Nonymous who hasn't figured out yet that "Sitemeter" tells me their approximate location in the world and it is only a matter of time before I can leave similar remarks on their blog. If they even have one! "Sitemeter" keeps us regular houseblog people polite.

I have had over 54,000 hits in the last 12 months and almost 100,000 page views. In all of that I have had maybe two A. Nonymous comments that have rubbed me the wrong way and I make a post about it. This will be post #3 of this nature. So thanks for the comment because you gave me something to write about!

First I shall tell you why there are no house related posts this week.

It finally snowed here in the "Gem City" and when I stopped at the "Old Crack House" today the temperature on the first floor was 38 degrees F. On the third floor the buckets that collect water coming in under the 1960s dormers that shattered the original slate roof were frozen solid. So that tells me that the the second floor where I am working is about 34 degrees F. I don't work well below 40 degrees so I am holed up doing other work that I get paid for. The fact that YOU, with your ginormous balls of steel, want me, with my normal man sized meaty balls, to work where my normal man sized meaty balls will shrivel up to not only resemble prunes but physically take on the appearence of the stones that are in those prunes, just to satisfy your blog addiction of viewing others hard at work on their homes while you sit in the comfort of your office next to a computer makes me fee sad for you. There are some 525 other house blogs out there where other hard working people with heating are showing pictures of their basements and holes in their ceilings where plaster has fallen. I suggest you go find some of their sites to drool over while I take a break from writing about working on the house. If you want pictures, Google can take care of that for you. Search under the keywords "What does an asshole look like" and right beside a picture of me will be a picture of YOU standing outside IKEA.

You may not have enjoyed the IKEA rants but many others did. This site took 384 hits on Monday and 637 page views which is almost double the norm.

Have you noticed any sponsers on my blog besides my own stuff? Right. You know what that means? I don't have to please anyone with regards to the content of this blog so if you don't like what I am posting then go away for a few days and check back in case you might have missed something. Don't think you can come waltzing over here and tell me to get back to work anonymously. It is just plain rude. Bollocks to you!

On a lighter note. Do you know why firemen have bigger balls than policemen?

They sell more tickets!


Anonymous said...

I've to go read it. Did you erase it? I'll find out soon enough.

Your one of the hardest-working housebloggers in the ring and usually have something worthwhile to read so I'm not sure what's going on.

The Ikea thing is funny....

Anonymous said...

My guess is, A. Nonymous probably isn't spending precious hours of his or her free time putting useful information on the web for YOU to see. Or researching all the various stripping techniques so that YOU won't have to go and research. Right? Right.

Moreover, I read your blog cause you're damn funny even when you're not talking caulk.

Anonymous said...

Back to work you long-haired slacker! In my day, a job wasn't done until it was overdone. And then, we did it again.

Ranty said...