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This Old Crack House

From log house to farmhouse. Farmhouse to townhouse. Townhouse to apartment house. Apartment house to crack house. Crack house to our house. Our house to our home.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Once again the "Crack House" was broken into and once again it appears that absolutely nothing was taken. This marks the third time such a thing has happened. Today the assholes broke the window to the kitchen door and when they realized that they needed a key to get the door open they broke out another window and a mullion and climbed through the opening. I suspect they were kids because that opening measured 15" X 25" and I wouldn't want to climb through it. They went out the door in the back that leads to the basement after undoing the deadbolts and moving the 2 X 4 that jambs that door shut.

I have no clue how many rooms they went through or if the radio blasting away spooked them. Maybe it was our ghost! All the tools were intact (as far as I could tell) and since most of them are old they have little value. The door is fixable and I have lots of old glass so the cost to me is my time. No point in reporting this crime because the police can't do anything except take a report at their earliest convenience which isn't convenient to me and our insurance deductible is so high there won't be any claims. Since it was about 10:00 PM when I stopped by to put the garbage can out I boarded up the broken windows and secured all the other windows in the house and went home to have a beer. I will re-evaluate the situation early in the AM.

This kind of petty crime drives people away from Dayton. In fact, since I have lived here (13 years) I have had at least 7 garage break ins 2 car break ins, an antique motor scooter stolen and three attempts to break in at the "Crack House" but nothing of value has ever been taken (except the scooter which I couldn't get insured for damage and theft because of it's uniqueness). I have realized this though. With all the hassle of fixing the damage, meeting insurance deductibles on the cars and filing police reports it is still cheaper to live here than any of the suburbs or even a different state. If I bought a house of comparable size to either of the two that we have in any other location, we would have to pay out more money in mortgage interest over 30 years than it would cost to pay deductibles and send my child to private school. In fact, if you live in the region and plan to send your child to private schools then you should live in Dayton because you will pay out less money in real estate taxes on a larger home! Tax money that is used to support the public school system. If more responsible people would move here there would be fewer homes for irresponsible people to occupy and petty crime rates would go down because we have fewer assholes in our city.

Something was bugging me this morning when I woke up. I couldn't remember smelling gasoline when I stopped at the house last night so I ran over there early this morning to see if my hunch was correct. It was.
The assholes stole my chainsaw. They left the case that it was sitting on but took the blade cover, go figure that one out. Well, I hope it leaks as much gas on them as it did on me!


At 10/04/2007 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

also if more responsible people set their children to public school. The test scores of these schools would go up, and the schools would have the perception of improving even though it was just the quality of the student/family.

At 10/04/2007 9:44 AM, Blogger Gary said...

Ahhh, true BUT first we must attract RESPONSIBLE people to live within the city school district boundaries. We can't attract responsible people with children if the school system is rock bottom. Besides, it was probably some of our illustrious students that took my chainsaw. I'm sure these kids are well on their way to becoming pharmaceutical entrepreneurs when they drop out of school.

At 10/04/2007 1:50 PM, Blogger Derek said...

Sorry to hear you got broken in to. Even if they don't take anything of value, it's a horrible feeling.


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