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This Old Crack House

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Fun With Concrete

The last few days have been spent doing many things including pouring a concrete wall for the side of our exterior stairwell to the basement. You may remember how it looked back in March and then in May when I dug it out. Well I had to do a bit more digging and as I dug deeper, the foundation wall around the door frame fell apart. It had been stuck together with bricks and some type of caulk compond from the inside. The other side of the door looks the same way so it it is going to be a blast fixing that wall in the future. It would appear that the stone and brick walls on both sides of the stairwell had been slapped together more recently than 1845 and most likely between 1954 and 1988 by that previous owner. The same one that turned the place into apartments. The top step which consisted of two pieces of limestone with concrete in between also needed to be replaced since all my digging loosened the stones. Currently the stairwell looks like this

It may be the angle of the camera but it is nice to see that my allignment on that top step is just as wonky as the rest of the stairs. Who knows what it will look like when I pull off the wood planks!


At 10/24/2007 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That green stuff is frightening. You should have the trick-or-treaters knock on this door ;)

At 10/24/2007 2:01 PM, Blogger Gary said...

Algae-ist see what I can do about that!

At 3/06/2008 6:49 AM, Blogger iskra said...

the sink is awesome!!!
gary, is it functioning all right? i am planning to create a kitchen sink with a platform and i am worried if humidity becomes a problem! did you put anything else except cement and sand?

At 3/06/2008 9:12 AM, Blogger Gary said...

The sink is sealed with a gloss concrete sealer so water shouldn't penetrate it. I haven't hooked up the water yet so I don't know. I am more worried about my plumbing then the sink!
I used a bag of "Quickcrete 5000" to make this sink and added some polypropelene fibers and some concrete color.


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