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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Drugs By Mail

While I was reviewing the 1874 edition of the Dayton paper to find Samuel Edgar's obituary the other day I came across this ad.

Painless Opium Cure

The only successful remedy of the present day. Cures without pain. Restores the nervous system to a healthy condition. Send for paper on opium eating, consequences and cure. P.O Box 475 Laporte, Ind.

This brings to mind several questions.

Do you suppose he sent you a free sample with the paper?

I wonder if they had problems with people cutting the canvas flaps on buggies and stealing the banjo, harmonica or sheet music left sitting on the passenger seat so they could pawn it for the price of a postage stamp?

I wonder if they referred to these people as poppy heads?

I wonder if opium dens were privately owned or if they were rentals or abandoned property?

Do you suppose there were ride by shootings or people who would break into your home while you were at the market and load wagons with all your belongings so they could afford to order a years supply of opium from the Professor?

I wonder what his cure was?

It is kind of funny that the guy selling the stuff is named Meeker. The dictionary defines "meek" as "patient under injuries; long suffering."


At 4/23/2008 8:50 PM, Blogger Sandy said...

ROTFLMAO!! I loved this one!

At 4/25/2008 11:54 AM, Blogger John said...

I don't see why they wouldn't have ride by shootings. When I lived in Savannah, we had ride-by shootings complements of the local "bicycle-gangs."

At 5/02/2008 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Is that opium as a cure, or a cure for those addicted to opium?

We'll never know . . .

At 2/24/2011 10:03 PM, Blogger P.j. said...

This was supposed to be a treatment for treating addicts. Our local paper's historical column recently ran an article written about the same time as this entry, about a local Dr. who opened a clinic for opium addicts.


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