Monday, March 06, 2006

Abducted by Aliens

A funny thing happened today. My blogs went down for three hours this morning. I can't figure what happened. I noticed that the last access was someone in Korea at 10:03 AM then nothing. I couldn't even access the thing myself. I was denied access even through Blogger! went down too and were out for even longer.
Now I have to figure out where the three hours went and whether I took an anal probe! Where was Elizabeth during all this? She was protecting herself with the enamel plated steel probe guard. Well, it looks like her dads potty training is sinking in.


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest picture I've ever seen. She's absolutely adorable!
By the way, the photo of your many large mirrors made me really appreciate how grand your home is. I'd kill for that ceiling height (although, being up here in Canada, I couldn't afford to heat a home with that ceiling height!).

Greg said...

Hey! That's sort of what I looked like Sunday morning after being out drinking all night Saturday!

How do you get stats on your Blogger blog? I clicked every Blogger link I could find and didn't see any server logs or anything.

Gary said...

You need to click on the sitemeter box in the lower left corner of this page and register with them if you want to become addicted to blog statistics!