Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Feeling Bad About Your Renovation?

Are you depressed? Has the bottom fallen out of your world?

Try our Walnut Hills neighborhood Turbo Chili and have the world fall out of your bottom!
We call it "Turbo Chili" because it comes out faster than it goes in!
It WILL burn you twice!

We participated in a Chili cookoff on Monday. Our neighborhood was challenged by a neighboring one. We answered the challenge. Of the 4 entries, three were from our neighborhood.

I've been paying for it all week though and haven't even thought about working on the house!
I think we need better ventilation.......


Anonymous said...

ROFL!!!! Well, you've got my eleven-year-old son laughing so hard, he produced the same results! Fun post!

Anonymous said...

Um.... So where's the recipie? I love a challenge ;-) :-D