Sunday, March 05, 2006

Wazzup in the Hood?

Anyone interested in an old home near the "Crack House? This one went up for sale in the last week. The picture was taken last summer.

It has a F.S.B.O. sign in the front yard.

What can I tell you about it? Well, it is on the National Register as the S.N. Brown home (though it isn't the one he lived in). It is brick, 2 story Italianate. Built around 1875 as an add on to an older existing home which I believe to have been the residence of one Augustus George (who married the older sister of the guy who built our house). The old part of the house has to be from the 1830s and is now the kitchen. It needs some work but not a whole lot from what I can tell. The massive Eastlake woodwork has all been stripped and needs shellac. The interior walls were heavily textured before 1920 making the walls look like the sides of a cave. I don't like it but it was likely a trend back then. I know it has at least one marble fireplace like ours. It is on a commercial strip so it can be either a residence or a business and the basement was once a bakery I believe. The address is 1633 Wayne Ave Dayton, Ohio 45410 and you can check it on the public tax records HERE.

I expect they want around $200,000 for it. If anyone is seriously interested let me know and I will drive by and get the phone number to call. It is directly across the street from the S&M Funeral Home. The good news is it is 4 blocks from me. The bad news is, it is 4 blocks from me!


Ms. P in Jackson said...

It's neat looking. Can you get pics of the inside? I don't want to buy it, I'm just nosey.

K said...

ooh, purty. I wish I was Oprah Winfrey, so I could have enough money to buy a pretty old house in every city. Or maybe two. :)

Anonymous said...

S & M Funeral Home? I can only imagine the ad slogans:

Don't punish your loved ones, let us do it for you... S & M Funeral Homes.

Well, at least the neighbors won't be keeping you up with loud music.

Larry Tenney said...

Augustus George was my 3x Great Grand Uncle. His brother William G. George was my 3x Great Grandfather. During the early days of Dayton, William G. had originally purchased land across the Miami from their uncle Judge William George and Augustus built a home in town. About the mid 1820s William G. and Augustus traded residences. It was shortly thereafter that Augustus first wife, Jane Allen Edgar whom you mention as the older sister of Samuel D. Edgar, died (1826) while living on the farm across the river. Augustus remained in Dayton after her death with their four daughters. He later remarried and with Anna D. Fulton had four more children. A son, Robert Edgar George died as a toddler. The boy was named to honor Augustus' former father-in-law, the Dayton Pioneer and the father of Jane Allen & Samuel D. Edgar. A second son, Augustus George was killed by rebels during the Civil War. All are interred at Woodland Cemetery.

It was Augustus George who sold the original 40-acres that established Woodland Cemetery in 1841. Augustus originally acquired that property on a tip from his father-in-law following the death of Joan Allen. See, Robert and Margaret Edgar didn't want Augustus to retreat to Pennsylvania with the four young granddaughters, something Augustus was considering following his wife's death. So, they hooked him into a long term real estate investment that kept him in Dayton and which did serve him well as a longer-term investment.