Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scratch 'n' Sniff Paint Removal

I've been stripping paint in the laundry room. If you have ever used a heat gun to strip paint from wood then you know that there are some odors that reveal themselves to you. The first is that of hot sticky lead based paint. Sometimes, if you work the same area a little longer you will reveal the odor of pine sap. We often get this and then we realize that no one has smelled this particular scent from this wood for 160 years. When I stripped the little built in cabinet in the breakfast room it revealed the smell of soap. It still smells like soap even after being repainted. Then there is always the surprise I get every few years when I strip corner baseboard molding in the house. Ewwww! The smell of wet dog. Some odors are best locked in. Of course if I really wanted to get rid of it I would just set the heat dial on 10 and soon I will smell the odor of burnt wood!

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Anonymous said...


yea smells.. During the deconstruction of the 1/2 bath I used a circular saw to chop the old floor to pieces in place. Once that hot blade hit the wrong area of wood there was trouble. Mostly in the form of 20 minutes of dry heaves. 106 years of "ooops missed again" 8^P